Zam Zam restaurant has been established in Logan near Brisbane & Gold Coast with a mission to provide quality Afghani and Pakistani halal cuisine at reasonable prices. We endeavour to create the original and authentic taste the way it is done in the countries of its origin. We do not believe in adding cream, sugar and other additives to change the taste or increase the volume. All dishes are cooked individually and with the freshest available ingredients.

Our Lahori and Punjabi dishes are second to none. Afghani dishes like Mantu are and Qabuli are so delicious that they will entice you to come and enjoy them again and again.

Zamzam’s owner Abid Awan has previously established a successful Pakistani restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. He has extensive experience in hospitality and events management. Our chef has more than twenty years’ experience in cooking Afghani and Pakistani cuisine.

Please come and enjoy our hospitality and nice atmosphere at Zamzam with original flavour and exotic taste.



Located in Slacks Creek

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